EDEN Amplification

Tera Nova TN226


 Powerful playing, light gigging. The TN226 has been designed for the gigging player with a simple to use feature set. Created to enable you to change your settings in dark or crowded environments and become centre stage at those intimate gigs. 


Tera Nova TN2252


 Portability without compromising sound. A rehearsal room staple at 225W with 2 x 10” Eden speakers. A giggers dream; the TN2252 has a panel designed and built for use on small stages, front of house and in darker venues. Play hard, travel light. 




 Pave your way to playing on stage. With 180W power and a 15” speaker, the EC15 is perfect for playing small venues. A Whizzer cone and 3 band EQ with a mid sweep means that you can cut through the mix to create your Eden sound. Experiment with your favourite basslines and no interruptions by using the headphone output.




 Go to places that other bass amplifiers can’t reach. The MicroTour packs a punchy bass sound in a compact 2W. Practice and perfect your bassline in your room or play with your friends on holidays. You can now enjoy that funky bassline wherever you are.